Maintaining elevator is the periodical maintenance service to maintain continuous operation of the elevator in order to detect early and prevent timely a failure or an errror that can occur.


  1. Standard maintenance (excluded spare part replacement)

Phu Si Elevator is responsible for carrying out lifts’ maintenance and repair once a month in accordance with our regular maintenance regulation.

When the equipment is broken, need to replace spare-parts, Phu Si Elevator will provide the detailed quotation so that Customer confirms our quotation if agreement before we replace the spare parts. In case of Customer delays confirming our quotation, we are not responsible for uncontinueing the operation of lifts.

  1. Full comprehensive maintenance (included spare part replacement):

Phu Si Elevator company is responsible for carrying out repairing and maintaining to ensure the elevator or escalator continuous operation causing no inconvenience to user. All expenses for repair and replacement within the validity of maintenance contract is to be borned by Phu Si, even high value ones when necessary (except the lift is used improperly by customers).


  • Repair and maintenance service is normally done in agreement with our customer accordingly from 8:00 – 17:00 daily including Sundays and/or Holidays when needed.
  • To make sure technicians to be present within ……. hours upon receipt of sudden breakdown notice through phone 1900 5454 32 (active 24/7).
  • To keep in store components/ spare parts available for fast replacement when needed.
  • To advise customers of communication and technical assistance.
  • To maintain once a month, lubricate, clean as the regular maintenance regulation.

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Hotline 24/7: 0912 795 339


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