Car elevator is a freight elevator type, thus the design has the separate requirements. The size and weight of this car elevator type must match the group of 4-seat, 7-seat car or more. This car elevator type is often installed for apartments, car parkings, factories, automobile show room … This type of elevators is dedicated to transports the cars in vertical space with the safety, quickness and accuracy. The driver controls only the car running into the elevator and push the button simultaneously to choose the desired floor.

Car elevator will transport the cars from a floor in the building into the basement as parking and vice versa putting the cars up to the above floors for the show room.

The construction of the running road down to basement floors will cost much money and take a lot of square. Therefore, the investment of 1 or 2 car elevators will save much more cost.

if possible, the car elevator should be designed two doors facing each other to prevent turning or reversing the car, or can design a horizontal rotating in the direction of the car on the car elevator. Rotating stand the load of the car and can rotate 360 degrees.

The car has the solid and safe structure, that guarantee sustainability; The monitoring system for the car elevator should be installed and the elevator will run only when the car is in the right position in the elevator. Car elevator can have the car doors or not.

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